Packaging Equipment
Due to its low density [4,5 g/cm3], the Titanium is suitable for manufacturing of removable components that require planned cleaning (hoppers, protective panels, etc…).

Capsules Hopper – Pharmaceutical industry, Ti Gr.2 

Mechanical Components 
Flange Ti Gr.2 thk 20 mm, machined and with welded nozzles
Precision machining for components in Ti Gr. 2/BT 1- 0 bolts
Titanium used for robot grippers. Since the weight is lighter, movements can be faster and more precise.  

Robot arm and grippers in Titanium



Galvanic Coating
The Titanium can be used in any galvanic coating bath, such as Nickel and Copper. It can be used with Ferric or Chromic Chloride bath, but the Fluorides.   

Concentrator for galvanic segment entirely manufactured in Titanium
The Titanium gives very good results when used as anode within bath for Chlorine and Zinc production.

Food & Beverage
We are able to manufacture any kind of vessel for the food industry, e.g. preserve industry, wine making equipment, dairy products and so on.

Leather tanning
The Titanium can be an ideal solution as leather container coating during the tanning process.  

Titanium vessel for work-in-progress leather storage
Titanium vessel, Ti Gr.2, ø 1200, with jacketed heater and scraping blades
Chemical industry
The Titanium is suitable for equipment used in Acetic, Hydrochloric, Chromic, Phosphoric, Nitric and Sulfuric Acids (see Corrosion resistance Table above).  

Distillation column, ø 400 completed with filters, flanges, elbows and connections
Heat Exchangers

Titanium, our precious metal

At the end of 30’s, with new technologies introduction, the Titanium began to be industrially used, mostly for weapon manufacturing in US. During the same period, the first surgeries with Titanium implant took place. Since then, the Titanium acquired growing importance also in Europe, Japan and in the ex-Soviet Union more info